Monday, November 7, 2011


I just returned from three weeks of wonderful blue sky's, wrestling rocks in the red rocks of Nevada and the grand ditch of Yosemite California. I am fortunate to have spent time with many great friends old and new. I am also lucky to have had few days on the stone with my mom Sharon. Thanks for coming Ma! The most grand fortune was having Laura this whole trip she is the rope-gunning, bag hauling, hold the rope down, cobra drinking, sandwich making, rope swinging princess and love of my life.

The Red Rocks I love this place for the rock season warm up. It has big grips, friendly to the tall, soft grades, long routes, sticky stone, warm temps, great adventure, amazing canyons and great camping if you know the spot... best of all cheep beer, gas, and food. What more could we ask for?
Red Rocks Black Velvet Canyon

My Mom entering the Frog hole on Frog land

Mom crushing pitch 1 Ginger Cracks

My Lady's on top of Whiskey Peak

The motley crew Mark, Moe, Laura, and Me. No fun here!
Laura cruz'n p3 Dream of Wild Turkey's 

Rapping The Challenger. super route.. Jay smith route 10d really?

The ultra classic Epinephrine! Suppa
The Elephant's Trunk Epi
Lady's day out nice one MOE!!

Laur the rope gun the cave pitch, Community Pillar

Part II: The Yosemite National Park is buy far the best place on the planet for warm weather granite rock wrestling. It sports the best in big walls, mulit-pitch, single pitch, trad, sport, bouldering , slack line, high line, rope swings and illegal base jumping. Providing free showers with soap after oct. 15, cooler temp, free bus transportation, 90 cent malt liqueur tallboys, and New free internet. 


The Captain
Laura rope guns the Central Pillar of Frenzy
Laura p1 of pillar of frenzy
Liberty Cap Southwest Face Grade V

p2 Lib Cap 10- amazing splitter

p4 bolt dowel ladder

Laura rolling her eyes at an aid climbing flustercuss

Mark look's like you like wall climbing?
Finding my groove p 5

Laura and Mark cleaning and hiking p 5 Lib cap

Moe crushing it to the bivy ledge with Nevada Falls

I no like squeeze on first pitch, off da bivy!

Getting high on the wall, entering the manzanita maze..

Mark gets true high point Liberty Cap via one arm press! 

Team of 4 Happy times atop Lib Cap. Thanks M&M w/ Half dome South face yonder.

A nice wall out of the hub bub SW Face Liberty Cap w/ Great free climbing!

The rocktober provided great times with a number of memorable routes and time with our other monkey friends. It is the best part of having a seasonal profession. The freedom to take extended periods of time to spend with friends and family out adventuring. "Keep it Tight" in those hills until next time.    

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