Monday, September 10, 2012

Lib cap Part 1 Central Mowich Face

Rainier, Jake Beren, a birthday, a ten year itch, and great timing!
I have been working on Mt Rainier for ten years, spent winters living on rainier day dreaming. I first climbed the Central Mowich Face with a friend on my first summit of liberty Cap and my Third summit of columbia crest. In the 10 years since that first north side climb I have been on 28 winter seminars 200 trips 110 summits via 9 routes 9 ski decent and have not been back until now.

Me at 13k above the Disappointment Clever.

The plan, start leisurely in Paradise climb to muir and then up the Disappointment Clever to the summit in 7 hours, cross to Lib Cap summit 8hr, descend on skis down the NW side and fish our way into the central Mowich Face to ski run dreams are made of, ten years of dreams... To finish we traverse around across a few glaciers to the south and linked up with the  Tahoma Creek Trail and fallowed it to the westside road parking area.Trip details: 30km car to car. 10,000ft up 11,000ft down in 13 hours. Tools: Ski Mountaineering glacier day kit.  
Skin to the PIN. phot Jake B

Jakes First turns off the PIN. Tward Liberty Cap.

Photo Jake B  My first turn off the PIN.
The wind tunnel across to Liberty Cap. Phot Jake B.

Jake Cruz'n the Bubble Ice Lib Cap summit 
Senyaee thai food on the lib cap button. Photo Jake B

Jake Catching wind blown powder on the other side. 

Point Success summit with Mt. Adams Behind from the top of the CMF  
Initial pow turns on the face! Stoked  Phot Jake B

Jake, Your Mustache Looks as Big as the  Mowich. Top of Face we are ready 
Fields of Powder and Glory 13,500 top of CMF Photo Jake B

Entering the Main face  Central Mowich Face.

Steep, Hot, Sticky, POW! 
The ski slopes don't get bigger or better than this much of anywhere. Photo Jake B 

What a good day for skiing, Jakes Birthday and pow on 50 degrees  June 27.  photo Jake B

Best snow! In the best place for it !

Jake Over the Rainbow- Central Mowich Face  

Jake under the CMF and the Edmmons Glaicer

One part of the journey to traverse to Tahoma Creek Trail.

Perfict day in the Mountains.

Puyallup Glacier and the Sunset Amphitheater.   

Part of our 11,000 ft slide 

ON the SLIDE. photo Jake B.

Exiting to the Tahoma Creek Trail From Emerald Ridge! 
Jake Beren, a man you can trust. We made a great partnership on this mission.Thanks for the ride!

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